Director's Message

Message from the Executive Director and Program Director of A Caring Hand, Robin F. Goodman, Ph.D., A.T.R.-BC.

Who We Are

I am honored to be writing to you as part of the team at A Caring Hand. Out of her own personal tragedy on 9/11, what started as a dream by Susan Esposito-Lombardo and her family has become a reality. She is a true role model for those who are bereaved. Every day we strive to give bereaved families the chance to know they are not alone and there is hope.


Why We Are Here

  • Over 4,000 children age 4-18 experience the death of a parent or sibling each year in New York City.

  • A Caring Hand is the only non-profit in Manhattan solely dedicated to helping them.

  • After attending our peer support groups, children and caregivers were less depressed.


Why We Are Needed

  • Up to 25% of parentally bereaved children will experience psychological and behavioral problems.

  • Children who experienced the death of a parent may have higher levels of depression, increased health problems and accidents, poorer school performance, more anxiety and fear, lower self-esteem, and less optimism for success in later life.

  • Parents and caregivers of bereaved children experience clinically-significant symptoms including depression and anxiety.

  • The real life costs of inadequate recognition of, and intervention for, bereaved children having difficulty can be enormous.


How Do We Help

  • Our peer support program teaches children and their parents and caregivers coping skills to use for grief and throughout life.

  • Grieving children and caregivers learn healthy ways to express their feelings and share memories with people who understand.

  • Grieving children discover they can have fun again.

  • Caregivers understand their own feelings, their child’s grief journey and how to be a confident parent of a bereaved child.


What You Can Do

We want to serve as many children, teens, and families as possible. We invite you to join us in building our community of caring.

  • Refer any bereaved families to us.

  • Contact us for a consultation or information about grief and bereavement.

  • Consider volunteering your time or services to help the children and our cause.

  • Make a donation and help us continue to grow.


We encourage all bereaved families, professionals, and others in the community to call us at 212-229-CARE (2273) or email