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Your Gift in Action

Your support is changing the lives of children like Felicia. She and her mom sought help three months after her Dad died. This tragedy left the close-knit family struggling to return to normalcy. Felicia had a hard time talking about her dad to others, but weekly groups were a safe place to express feelings and share memories. ACH provides an oasis throughout life and they continued coming to monthly groups; mom

was a role model to newly grieving parents and Felicia was a lively example to others. Felicia sought out peers in her school when they were grieving. Three years after starting group, Felicia wrote and performed a personal monologue about a child whose dad died. She performed this in front of an audience of strangers at her arts high school. Felicia was confident and proud, and as you can imagine,so was her mom. They built a long-lasting relationship with A Caring Hand and are an example of how grief feelings change over time. Felicia and her mom are a testament to how a community like A Caring Hand is essential in the healing process. Thank you for making this possible.

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