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Help Your Grieving Child With These 4 Essential Tips

A bereavement psychologist gives her best advice on how to navigate your child’s loss and grief.

Grief is enormously challenging -- but it’s especially tough to explain to children… even on TV. In Showtime’s new series Kidding, a beloved children’s television host (Jim Carrey as Mr. Pickles) dedicates an episode to grieving inspired by the recent death of his own son, but the network refuses to run it. The station’s unwillingness to air the program is an accurate reflection of our cultural inability to deal with death head-on, says Robin F. Goodman, Ph.D., the executive director and bereavement program director of A Caring Hand in New York City. “There’s such stigma and avoidance around it,” she says. We want to pretend it doesn’t exist, often to the detriment of our ability to sensitively maneuver conversations about it. The irony is that death, a natural part of life, is everywhere -- in our personal lives, on television, in movies, in books, online. “I mean it shows up on cartoons even. Bambi! The Lion King! Frozen! What do we think we’re actually hiding?” she asks. READ MORE-

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