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Finding a Way Forward When the Tragic News Feels Unbearable

Horrific events impact everyone. The swaths of communities in close proximity to the incident, the individuals directly exposed to the tragedy and a vast number of additional people who are brought near by watching from afar.

When confronted with harsh news and adversity, adults navigate a complex mix of shock, sadness, anger, disbelief, guilt and fear. Children ask tough questions. Parents wonder if they should protect them from the grim reality or explore the topic. A nation mourns unbearable loss. It can feel impossible to summon up or remember that we have the capacity to cope, adjust, recover, heal and hope following an onslaught of unspeakable heartbreaking acts. But it is possible, albeit in the midst of surviving terrible pain. I have seen it and know it to be true, that the other side of trauma can be resilience. What does it take? READ MORE

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