What We Do

After someone special dies, children can feel sad, confused, isolated, guilty, or even ashamed. For some young people, avoided grief can lead to feeling hopeless, acting out, and poor school performance. No child or family should feel alone in their grief. We are here to help family members understand their feelings and learn healthy ways to cope and thrive. We help in the following ways:


We do outreach to individuals, schools, and organizations to provide information about services and recruit clients and group leaders.


Group Program

Our 11 week peer group support program for children and teens and their caregivers runs in the fall, winter, and spring. The program addresses common bereavement tasks using evidence informed skills based strategies.



Volunteer training and supervision for group facilitators is provided.


Individual Attention and Help

We meet with individual bereaved family members to understand how best to help. Services and referrals are tailored to the specific needs of family members.



We welcome inquiries for consultation to educate professionals, schools, businesses, and service providers about grief and bereavement.



Professional supervision and training of mental health trainees can be arranged.